Day 7

I took the weekend off as my brother was visiting. 

Today I wanted to make the game feel more engaging, I'm still holding off replacing my procedural level generation code but I intend to do it in the next couple of days. 

I've given up trying to get the buggy HTML5 output from GMS to display properly in Itch, but the downside of compiling it to a Windows Exe is that overzealous antivirus tools try to lock the file down at every opportunity - I'll have to work on this problem further!

Achievements Today

Added shadows using a free script from the GMS Marketplace

Added much requested strafe feature (shift+left/right) which really helps the game dynamic

Pressing 'm' now toggles the music

Added a noise for when the enemy is hit

Replaced the player's damage effect with a better one 

Removed buggy screenshake - it kept initially jumping to another viewpoint

Added 7 new types of mountain via a spritesheet

You can now go backwards too

Replaced the game over pop-up with a proper screen followed by game restart after 5s.


DessertStrike-Default- 5 MB
Nov 13, 2017

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