Day 16

Okay, progress has been very slow of late, really lost my motivation! Now I know what everyone means online when they say they end up with half built games. Fortunately I can say that mine is actually a complete game already, so it's not that bad.


  • Proper set of 'rooms' including a title screen, level interludes and winner/loser screens.
  • New baddie with greater range, speed and a weapon which homes in on you for the first 1/2 second
  • New music, the old tune was rubbish
  • A proper second level

To do

  • Credits screen - I need to sit down and list all the credits properly
  • Highscore table - not sure I can make this persistent in the HTML version
  • A ground based baddie
  • 2nd attack mode - rockets perhaps
  • A couple more levels including a boss
  • Destructible buildings.

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