Day 24 - Game Submitted

I've finished my first game jam, that's Dessert Strike submitted before the deadline! Hopefully I've made a semi-decent game that people enjoy playing! If there is enough interest I will continue developing this game (and probably give it a more serious name).

Final Changelog

  • Bigger tanks
  • Multihit tanks
  • Moving tanks
  • Increased difficulty - when respawning you now only get 25% ammo and fuel replenishment rather than 100%
  • Added pause using 3rd party script, but it crashes the game in the HTML version
  • Compressed all audio for faster load times
  • Cleaned the project folder - allowing others to view the code more easily
  • Tidied up the final level and made it more interesting
  • Added blown up turret image
  • Added low fuel, health and ammo warnings
  • Added screen transitions using 3rd party script


Desert Strike Play in browser
Nov 30, 2017

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