Day 18

Big update today! Now feels like a semi-decent game! Only 6 days left before the submission date!


  • Changed mountain graphics to get them more in keeping with the graphics style - now simpler and more grainy
  • Made Enemy2 (the red plane) take multiple hits to destroy it, also flashes when hit
  • Added fuel and ammo counters to add more depth to the game
  • Added animated fuel, ammo, health and power-up pick-ups (all of these give the player points too)
  • Added basic powerup functionality, which switches the player gun for a more powerful one
  • Replaced the HUD with a much more powerful one that dynamically displays text
  • Abandoned procedural generation and replaced level 1 with a fixed level design
  • Replaced screen transitions with a more powerful system that dynamically displays text and highscore
  • Added a new 3rd level to give the game more depth


  • Add more levels, build in a better feeling of progression
  • Redesign baddies parameters so they get ever harder to beat
  • Add a ground based baddie
  • Add a boss
  • Keep baddies that spawn at the top of the map, at the top of the map - currently they all drift towards the player


Dessert Strike Play in browser
Nov 24, 2017


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