Day 1

My first game jam, and it although it started on 1st November, this is the first day I've actually done any coding. I've been mulling over an idea for a game based on the classic Desert Strike since I read the game jam theme (, but it took a week to motivate myself to start working on it. This was compounded by the fact that you have to use Git, and I've always found it very intimidating, thankfully, after a lot of searching I found a clear guide: 

My intention is to produce a fairly faithful reproduction of Desert Strike based on my hazy teenage memories from the 90s but possibly with a dessert based theme in addition to the retro theme requirements from the game jam. I have read about and experimented with isometric playing fields with Gamemaker Studio 1.4 (GMS) but found it a little clunky, which means this game will stick with a nice and simple top down view. Longer term, if this game is a success I will probably rewrite it in an isometric view.

To get started I first imported assets from the game 1945.

Achievements on Day 1

1. Setup Git on my computer

2. Created a Github repo for my game (one of the requirements of the game jam)

3. Registered my game on (one of the requirements of the game jam)

4.  Created the Dessert Strike project in GMS

5. Imported the topdown shooter project into my game

6. Stopped the background and islands from scrolling

7. Changed the player behaviour so that left and right arrow keys yaw the player rather than strafing and updated the firing mechanism accordingly

8. Increased framerate to 60 FPS to make it smoother

9.  Increased the playable window size to 1024 x 768, modified background graphics (e.g. score) and moved them as required to sit properly in the new larger window.


1. Reskin all the graphics for an Apache / Dessert theme and add a proper level to fly over

2. Make ground based baddies and buildings

3. Add a view to the game so you have to fly around the level

4. Add fuel and ammo collection system along with adding consumption of fuel and ammo

5. Add a main screen with high score

6. Polish the game by adding animations, particle effects, screen shake etc

7. Produce more than one level

8. Investigate deployment on platforms other than Windows


DessertStrike.exe 2 MB
Nov 08, 2017

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