Day 2

Achieved a lot today, biggest visual change is we now have a chopper rather than a plane and it's flying over the desert rather than water!

Having issues with the GUI layer and views, I want to rejig the game so the level is vertically very long, but every time I make the changes the GUI HUD disappears - if you know how to fix this please let me know. I'm going to view some Youtube videos tonight to see if I can crack the problem. In addition, I can't add the 'you won' screen to the GUI layer, which is a problem too! Today's upload is a little broken for the win condition in that the game will continue playing in the background. 

I overhauled the baddie generation system, but what's there now is only so the game is playable, tomorrow I intend to add a chase feature and ground based baddies.

Also implemented desserts collection system - so now the game name makes sense!

Today's Changes

added sand background

added and changed a load of sound effects along with music (which is currently disabled as it annoys me during testing)

added viewport

prevented player from flying out of the level

added 'S' for screenshot feature (Windows exe only) - screenshots are stored in the 'DessertStrike' folder under user AppData 

made helicopter graphics from scratch

changed shoot button to ctrl

added 'Esc' key to quit function (Windows exe only)

add cakes to collect plus sounds, scoring and fireworks effect

made 'mountains' solid - this will be further worked on


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Nov 09, 2017

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