A top down helicopter shooter based on Desert Strike. 

The game is currently in development for Game Off 2017 game jam.


<Arrow keys> Move

 <CTRL> Shoot

<SHIFT> Strafe

<R> See enemy view range

<M> Music on/off


Music: Rolemusic, The Black Kitty

Sound: Freesound.org - I will list individual items later

Building tiles: Pokemon Dawn Tileset, DeviantArt

Mountains: Nirdia, isometric mountains

All other art: myself

More information

Published 14 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date in 7 days
Tags16-bit, desert-strike, Top down shooter
LicenseGNU General Public License v2.0 (GPL)
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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I have played your game dessert stike, it's really well done, i have seen the effect with the bullet that has a scope ( really cool it's really useful for the gameplay to have a challenge, and not a easy game :) ). Nice design art,  good work with the noise effect ( crash mountain, noise bullet, ... ).

I have one tips for you:

when there more than one ennemies, it's really hard to shoot them, so , if you want :) , you can make an invicibility with a timer ( 2 or 3 sec ), to have the time to shoot them, or make a menu  with possibility to choose  the dificulty.

So , if you want let your game and not change, it's your game, and your choice, I'm just here to help you.

PS: It's was fun :D .

Deleted post


Thanks for the kind comments, I just added a strafe feature today ('shift') which should make attacking enemies much easier.

I do like your temporary invincibility idea, in fact, this is what happens when you hit a mountain, but I might add it when you get hit, just as you suggest.

Please keep playing and commenting!

Yes really good update, I like the idea of the radar to anticipate the ennemies, the  Loose screen too, better than the pop-up windows :D. You have made a good work in this update.

Thanks! I added temporary invincibility when you are hit or are respawning, hope you like it!